Joseba Arego Uriel


Joseba Arego Uriel has been a fisherman for 38 years. He operates out of the Province of Castellón on a 49m catamaran with 12 other men. Catching mainly anchovies and some sardines, Joseba’s working day starts at around 10pm. That’s because he and the crew fish overnight. Often they get back to port around eight o’clock in the morning to unload their catch at port, before preparing the boat ready for the next night.

Having been in the industry since 1977, Joseba and is a fourth generation fisherman, with his father, grandfather and great-grandfather also making a living on the seas. His youngest son, who is just 16 years old, is planing on entering the family business soon.

According to Joseba, the industry is still in danger of overexploiting stocks. However, aboard his vessel they take sustainability very seriously. For instance, under EU law the minimum net mesh size is 9cm for Mediterranean anchovy, yet Joseba and his crew use 11cm. This is because they believe it will be better for the conservation of the species. Furthermore, fishermen have worked together to limit the number of boxes of sardines and anchovies that they land every day. This has a double benefit as it avoids overexploitation and helps the fishermen get a better price at auction.

Joseba started in the fishing industry voluntarily 38 years ago and still loves everything about his job. He loves being in touch with nature, and he loves the daily hunt, not knowing what could happen. He also loves a grilled sardine.