Battista Sanguedolce

Battista Sanguegolce

Battista Sanguedolce lives and works in Rimini, a famous seaside resort close to the tiny principality of San Marino. Hailing from a long line of fishermen originally from Lampedusa in the southern Mediterranean, Battista began fishing with his father 33 years ago at the age of 13.

Now plying his trade in the Adriatic Sea aboard his 8.5m boat Freccia (Arrow), Battista and his crew of three usually target sole, gurnard, squid and sea snails, depending on the season. Battista uses a variety of fishing methods including nets, gill and trammel nets, fish traps and baskets for the snails.

Battista is committed to sustainability and ensuring the future of the industry. However, he also feels that fishermen are facing increasing costs to stay in the industry, with the rising price of fuel as a particular example.

Battista’s average day begins before dawn, when he will go out to fish before returning port and preparing the fish for sale. He then sets up shop and sells his fish directly in the main square of the port of Rimini for roughly four hours between 8:30 and 12:30. Battista then takes a break, mooring the boat before returning home for lunch with his family and an afternoon rest. However, his day is not yet done as just before sunset he ventures back out to sea to drop the nets for another three hours of work before coming home, eating dinner and going straight to bed. Battista does this for at least five days a week, except in summer, where he does it every single day.

Unsurprisingly, Battista says the long hours and the time spend away from his family is the most challenging part of his job, but that he loves the rewarding feeling of coming home knowing the day went well.